Golgi Psychology helps dyslexic and dyspraxic adults and young people thrive in their daily lives. We help build self-awareness of the practical problems associated with neurodiversity experienced in education and work settings, including literacy, attention and organizational difficulties. We also develop emotional coping skills to support psychological well-being and resilience. Through assessment, coaching and therapy we provide a holistic approach to neurodiversity in which you can become your best self and improve your quality of life.

Cognitive Assessment

Golgi Psychology provides cognitive assessment for dyslexia and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)/dyspraxia in adults and young people over the age of 17 to help maximise strengths and abilities and overcome challenges.

Therapy & Services
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Anxiety & Self Esteem

Anxiety and poor self-esteem can be associated with dyslexia and DCD/dyspraxia. Talking to someone you trust can help with emotional distress. We can provide therapy to support psychological coping, build resilience and help you thrive.

Therapy & Services


Our aim at Golgi Psychology is to provide a holistic and integrated approach to supporting dyslexic and dyspraxic adults and young people.