Cognitive assessments

Cognitive assessment involves the analysis of personal abilities in thinking and reasoning as well as remembering and processing information. This analysis can highlight strengths and constraints on these abilities. In dyslexia and DCD/dyspraxia, the way information is processed and retained can impact our potential. Knowing our strengths can help us make the most of our abilities.

Using a series of tasks, we can identify cognitive abilities in verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory and processing speed. In addition, we can compare these abilities with attainment tasks in reading, writing, spelling and motor coordination. With this information we can provide a unique analysis of skills and abilities to improve self-awareness and help develop strategies to make the most of potential. This information can also be provided to colleges, universities and employers to obtain additional support.


Adults and young people with dyslexia and DCD/dyspraxia can be self-reliant, determined and hard-working in overcoming the challenges in their daily lives. However, they can also hide their emotional distress. We aim to build psychological resilience through reflection and communication in the warmth, acceptance and genuineness of a trusting therapeutic relationship. While evidence-based models including CBT, ACT, Compassion Focused Therapy and Schema therapy form the basis of therapy, these are integrated with creative and experiential methods to accommodate the needs of clients with dyslexia and DCD/dyspraxia.

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Career Coaching

With empathy, encouragement and building resilience we provide career coaching to establish a career development program that suits your needs. This involves an assessment of career history, interests and goals to develop a personal action plan and regular coaching contact to help develop the tools and skills needed to improve career prospects.

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